Helping nonprofits do what they do best: serve others

We are currently not accepting applications for the Impact Fund. Stay tuned for our next round of grants.

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What is the Arsenal Community Impact Fund?

In an ongoing demonstration of the credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” we support charitable organizations in the communities where our members live and work.

Arsenal awards money from our Community Impact Fund in the form of grants to deserving organizations.

How do we evaluate applications

Grant applications are reviewed by a committee of Arsenal employees who are examples of the credit union philosophy. When completing your entry, note that we're on the lookout for grant projects that think outside the box and help the community at large.

Clearly stated, realistic, measurable objectives and goals
A well-defined project description
A realistic and clear time schedule
A measurable evaluation plan directly related to goals and objectives
Complete, itemized and correctly totaled budget detail
Adherence to all grant application requirements
Overall community impact
Need and collaboration efforts

Stats at a glance


That's how much has been awarded to over 20 nonprofits since 2020.

Volunteer hours

In addition to the Impact Fund, Arsenal is able to provide volunteer hours from our employees for nonprofits that serve our community.

Other resources

We're also able to supply organizations with other valuable resources to help serve their missions.

Meet some of our past winners

Here are just a few of the 20+ nonprofit organizations who've received a grant from us over the years.

The Breakfast Club

Used grant money to help support breast cancer awareness. We also hosted mobile mammography units at some of our branches.

Visit their website
The Noble Neighbor

Used grant money to bring free books and authors to underserved St. Louis area schools, empowering kids and promoting equity in education.

Visit their website
Open Door Animal Sanctuary

This "no-kill" shelter used funds from Arsenal to cover food, shelter, cleaning and veterinary costs for the animals they take care of.

Visit their website
Finding Grace Ministries/The Harbor

Grant money went toward an emergency shelter fund to help take care of the costs of temporary housing for homeless individuals and families in Jefferson County.

Summary of Arsenal Credit Union’s Social Responsibility Policy

Who can and can't Arsenal award fund to?

Tax-exempt organizations

An organization that is tax-exempt under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, provided that the organization conducts activities in a community that’s in the credit union’s field of membership.

View field of membership
Non 501(3)c organizations

A worthy cause or activity that is not part of or sponsored by a 501(c)3 organization, provided the organization performs activities based in the credit union’s field of membership.

Non-eligible organizations

Those who are not eligible to receive donations/contributions include: political or partisan organizations, for-profit organizations, religious groups, ethnic groups, labor groups and fraternal groups. Individuals seeking funds for personal endeavors such as trips, beauty pageants, sports programs, walk-a-thons, etc. are also not eligible.