Ditch the checkbook. Keep this card at the top of your wallet.

Alright, you probably never had a checkbook. But you definitely want this debit card.

Open your checking account at one of our four full-access branches and get an instant-issue card the same day. Access more free ATMs near me than the largest banks in the country.

Running debit as credit

Always choose the "credit" option at a retailer.

You make this decision almost daily. Did you know that running debit as credit is the safest bet? Skip entering your PIN and choose the "credit option whenever you can. 

More security

If you experience fraud on your card, running it as credit will help you recover funds more quickly.

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Not only will you skip entering your PIN at the checkout, you’ll be able to see your transactions live in online + mobile banking.

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No interest

You’ll never be charged interest when running debit as credit. If you’d like to apply for a credit card, you’ll find a low-interest option with us.

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Card Management

Fight fraud and control your debit card within online + mobile banking. Lock/unlock your card when it’s not in use or you just can’t find it. Create customized alerts for specific transactions. Receive text notifications when your debit card is active. Set travel notifications to keep access to your card when you’re out of town.

Connect your card to mobile payments

Your card is easy to set up on mobile payment platforms like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Not only are mobile payments convenient, they’re secure (you carry no cash or cards), they’re fast (just swipe your phone) and they’re just plain cool (obviously).

Make saving automatic

Saving money is tough. Make it easier. Make it automatic. Enroll in the free Spend to Save program and watch your savings grow. Use your debit card and we’ll round up to the nearest dollar on each transaction you make. The “change” goes right to your savings account. Your savings will add up in no time.

What are people saying?

“Upon losing my debit card, my account was frozen immediately and a new card was issued at the branch within the hour. Outstanding!”

Robert S.