Leaders wanted: Volunteer to help shape the direction of Arsenal

Arsenal isn’t run by a group of shareholders looking to make the most profit. Our board of directors is made up of real members who volunteer their time to make the credit union a pillar of the community.

Volunteering at Arsenal Credit Union

We could tell you more about volunteering, but why not let an expert show you what it’s all about? Meet Gary Dierks, current chairman of the Arsenal Credit Union Board of Directors.

Gary began his volunteer career at Arsenal in 2010 and has served in many different positions during his tenure.

How do Arsenal volunteers make a difference?

Volunteers play an important role in driving the strategic direction of Arsenal and enhancing the lives of everyone in the community.

This is your chance to collaborate with other volunteers and senior management to help bring the credit union vision to life.

Our volunteers are broken into two distinct groups:

  • Board of directors: Oversee the general direction of the credit union.
  • Supervisory committee: Monitor the financial strength of the credit union.

View a quick list of specific volunteer responsibilities in the link below.

The credit union landscape is changing… fast

Over the past decade, the way we bank has dramatically changed. Mobile banking is now the norm, and tech is the future of our industry.

To provide the best service to our members, we’re always looking for the most innovative ways to make banking as quick, convenient and secure as possible.

Your feedback helps provide the latest digital banking solutions to members. You’ll also play a vital role in ensuring that we remain focused on the community.

Who can volunteer?

We want people with different skills, talents, educational backgrounds and life experiences to help broaden our reach.

Here are the basic requirements:
Must be a primary member on your savings account
Have at least one other product relationship besides a savings account
Be in good standing
Meet attendance and training requirements
Be willing to represent membership as a whole and make decisions in everyone’s best interests

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteer positions aren’t one-size-fits-all. You get back what you put in.

You provide us with vital feedback and direction that helps steer the growth of the credit union. In return, we’ll provide you with leadership skills, financial institution experience, training opportunities and friendships that last a lifetime.

At the end of the day, you’re helping someone finance a new vehicle. You’re helping members grow their savings. You’re helping us reach out to the community and serve nonprofit organizations that need it. You’re part of the heart and soul of Arsenal’s mission of “people helping people.”