Everything you want in a credit card. Right now.

It’s the perfect companion for your everyday purchasing needs.

Better rates than banks and big boxes

Our fixed-rate Visa credit cards start at a much lower rate (9.90% APR*) than big bank and big box retailer options. Plus, you’ll pay no penalty rate if you accidentally miss your payment and get a 25-day grace period.

Arsenal Rate:



Big Banks:


to 17.99% APR

Big Box Stores:



Transfer high-interest balances for free

Feel like you’re not making a dent on your current, high-interest credit cards? Transfer the balance to an Arsenal card. There’s no fee, so you pay off more principal and get on your way to being debt free faster. Most credit cards charge a percentage of your balance transfer or up to $300.

Pay fewer fees

A lot of financial institutions charge pesky fees on their credit cards at regular intervals or for certain types of transactions. Your Arsenal card eliminates unnecessary fees, giving you more freedom to use your card however and whenever you want.

No monthly fees
No setup fee
No program fee
No monthly servicing fee
No minimum finance charges
No transaction fees
No cash advance fees
No balance transfer fees

Take control. Prevent Fraud.

You’re in control. Lock/unlock your credit card, set up alerts/controls, make payments, create travel notices and so much more with Card Management. This service is free and easy to use within online + mobile banking.

Connect to your digital wallet

Leave your wallet at home and make purchases using your phone. Set your Arsenal credit card up on Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for extra convenience and flexibility.

What are people saying?

“Hassle-free and very friendly, quick service.”

Mark M.