It’s like a fitness tracker for your money.

Get your savings in shape with mobile + online banking

Set aside money for the things you need and want. Stay on track and hit your savings goals with tools that make it easy and automatic.

What do you want to save for?

Don’t just talk about your savings goals for the future, meet them. Keep track of everything you want to save for in online + mobile banking.

Step 1

Choose which account you want to use to hit your savings goal.

Step 2

Pick a savings category like electronics, furniture, gifts or education.

Step 3

Set a goal amount and set a date when you want to hit it.

Step 4

Create as many savings goals as you’d like and watch your hard work pay off.

Open your account online

Monitor your credit score

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for viewing your credit score. View your information as often as you’d like with no hit to your credit score.

Credit confidence

Keep an eye on any credit score and credit report changes with real-time monitoring.

Daily score update

View a fresh, new credit score in your account every day.

Money-saving offers

Qualify for the best rates on new loans, credit cards and refinances based on your credit score.

Open your account online

Link and view external accounts

Connect your checking, savings and loan accounts from other financial institutions to your Arsenal account. Seeing a complete picture of your deposits and loan balances together can help you plan ways to save more and tackle debt faster.

Start saving automatically

Sometimes the best way to save is to just do it automatically. The Spend to Save program pairs with your Arsenal debit card and checking account to help you hit your goals faster. For every transaction you make, Spend to Save rounds up to the nearest dollar and deposits it into your savings.

Talk to us about setting up Spend to Save for free.