Don't keep Arsenal a secret

Now's your chance to spread the word about your credit union and earn money doing it.

We want you to refer your social groups to Arsenal. Contact Tracey or Molly today to get started right away. Or, keep reading for more details.

How does this work?

Get a free lunch

When you contact Tracey or Molly about how to best promote Arsenal to your social groups, we'll give you a $10.00 gift card for lunch. There's no further commitment other than a warm conversation. 

Get paid for your time

Share Arsenal at your next social event. We'll pay you for the time spent working the event plus an extra $50.00.

Roll in the extra cash

We'll pay you $10.00 for any new accounts we open from your event.

Who should I share Arsenal with?

The possibilities are limitless. We have some ideas for you, but if you have another group you'd like to share with, we want to hear about your idea.

Sports leagues and clubs

Are you part of a kickball league? Do you get together with a group every Wednesday for darts? Have a book club? Share with them.

One-off events

It's not a party without Totally Free Checking. Promote Arsenal at your next day at the pool, a BBQ or a block party you have coming up.

Social media groups

Take to your favorite social network and spread the word about our products and services. See below for a social media resource kit you can use to make easy talking points with your posts.

Kids sports teams

Club sports are expensive and time-consuming. Share Arsenal with your fellow parents and see how we can save them both time and money.

Homeowner's association

Have an HOA meeting coming up? Share the benefits of our home equity loans and lines of credit with them.

Check out what we can do for your group

Give us time in front of your social group and we can help you fund projects, supplies and events. Below are examples. Contact Molly and Tracey with your unique idea.

Girl Scout Troops

We could fund sashes and badges if we get a meeting with troop parents. This might lead to a business account at Arsenal for the troop.

Arnold Rec Center

We're partnering with this organization for a number of events like swimming days and farmer's markets? Maybe you know of similar events near your home we could spend time at.


A meeting with the workers at your daycare could lead to several new accounts. Arsenal could fund special activities and new supplies.

Sports Teams

Instead of relying for fundraising efforts for new shirts for the team, if we open enough new accounts with parents, Arsenal could cover the costs.

5K Races

Got a group together to run a 5K or other race? We could sponsor them for a little bit of facetime about opening new accounts.

Share Arsenal on social media

Spread the word about Arsenal without even talking to people in person! Let Bob in marketing know if and when you plan to post. 

Community groups

If you belong to any community groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit or other social network, it's the perfect place to promote the credit union. Make sure you have permission to solicit before posting.

Nextdoor app

If you're on the Nextdoor app, just create a post promoting the credit union to reach neighbors in your community

More about Nextdoor
TikToks, reels, stories and live streams

If you have an active TikTok account, we'd love to start developing a presence there. Or, create a story, reel, Snap or live event to promote the credit union in your own words to your followers.

Download social media toolkit

Download the social media toolkit below and start posting to your groups. Post the text and images directly to your groups, or use it as a jumping off point to create a video, reel or live stream.

Download social media toolkit

Request marketing materials

Do you need a flyer to help promote Arsenal at your event? Need special swag like chip clips, cups or pens? We’re here to work with you. Contact Bob in marketing and marketing will work on your request.