Get more peace of mind with online banking security tools

Set up custom protections within your account to keep tabs on your accounts 24/7. Use online banking security tools to design your preferred level of safety.

Manage your debit and credit cards

Your debit and credit cards are your keys to accessing your money. Take control of them using the Card Management online banking security tool.

Your cards are already set up. Just login and go to Tools > Card Management on your computer or More > Tools > Card Management on mobile.

Lock + unlock

Have a lost or stolen Arsenal card? Not planning on using your card? Lock and unlock it with one touch. You can even report your card lost or stolen and get a new one issued directly through the app.

Create custom alerts and controls

Set controls around specific purchase amounts, merchant types and locations. Receive text notifications when transactions outside of your custom controls are attempted.

Set up a travel alert

Keep your transactions from getting declined while out of town. Let us know when you’re traveling so you keep complete access to your cards.

Take more control today

Customize account alerts

Keep tabs on your accounts to prevent unauthorized changes, withdrawals, access attempts and more. Receive email or text alerts based on criteria you can customize within the app.

Alerts can also help you see when your account balances run low, when your loan balances are due or when a mobile check deposit has cleared.

Enhanced login access

Make sure it’s only you who’s accessing your account. Your online + mobile banking accounts come equipped with fail-safe measures to stop unwanted access

Multi-factor authentication

Receive a text, email or phone call prompt when you attempt to access your account.

Skip the password

Use your fingerprint or Face ID to login to your account.

Protect your payments

Subscription services love to charge you when your account balance runs low. Make sure your payments always go through. Link up to eight backups to your primary payment account for enhanced online banking security.