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A credit union built on trust

Trust can't be bought or sold. It's something that can only be earned.

Why Trust Arsenal

“For me, Arsenal has always been honest and straightforward, and that is something that I find to be very important in a financial institution.”

Kelly H., St. Louis

Why trust Arsenal?

Our staff is focused on providing excellent service day in and day out, and our members absolutely love how they are treated each time they visit or call. They are more than satisfied, as reflected below in the excellent ratings they have consistently given us in surveys since 2010.

> 97.16%

of our members say they would recommend us to others

Saving you money.

We put your interests above everything else.


That’s how much we saved members…

In total interest last year by refinancing bad auto loan deals they got through other lenders. Just another example of how we put service before profits.

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Many people who bank with us never leave.

36.1% have been Arsenal members for 10 years or more