Hit your savings goals faster with higher deposits

It’s our goal to put you in control of your financial goals. Through a combination of federal and private insurance, your deposits are now covered to at least $500,000.

This new coverage makes keeping more money on deposit in savings, a CD, money market account and/or an IRA a secure and safe bet your return on investment.

When you keep a higher balance, you’ll see bigger returns, helping you or your business crush your savings goals faster and with more confidence.

This additional level of insurance is unique to credit unions. As an Arsenal Credit Union member, you’re one of the few in the St. Louis area who has access to it!

More information about additional coverage:

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) covers your deposits to at least $250,000. If you exceed this amount, Excess Share Insurance Corporation (ESI) will cover up to $250,000.

  • Funds covered by NCUA: $250,000
  • Funds covered by ESI: $250,000

View a full breakdown of coverage offered

Account TypeNCUA CoverageESI CoverageTotal Insured

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