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1. Update card info instantly

Get a new debit or credit card? You might be dreading adding it back into every eCommerce site you have it stored in. Take the pain out of a card update with online + mobile banking. The Card Updater function updates your information across the internet so you don’t have to.

Save even more time

2. Totally Free Checking

You pay monthly subscription fees for everything. Why would you want to pay another one to access your checking account? Totally Free Checking features no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements. Most financial institutions don’t offer this option anymore.

Totally Free Checking

3. Pay Arsenal loans with outside accounts

If you have a loan with Arsenal, you have options on how to pay it. Just sign into your online or mobile banking account and set up any accounts you have at other financial institutions. Gain a more complete picture of your finances by seeing your accounts all in one place.

Online + mobile banking

4. Get a debit card on the spot

If you open an account at a branch or if you ever lose your card (let’s hope this doesn’t happen), you can get an instant-issue card right away. No waiting for your card to arrive by mail.

More about debit cards

5. Get access to more free ATMs

When you bank at Arsenal, you’re part of the CO-OP Network. This gives you access to 30,000+ free ATMs across the country and 250+ in the St. Louis metro area.

Find a free ATM

6. Fast decisions on loans

When you apply for a loan, you need access to your funds as soon as possible. Our central lending team makes decisions fast so you’re not waiting around to get into your new car or to consolidate high-interest debt.

Learn about personal loans

7. Build more (credit) confidence

Take more control of your financial journey. Online + mobile banking is a one-stop-shop for viewing and monitoring your credit score. See your information as often as you’d like to with no hit to your credit score and no third-party apps to download.

Reach more of your life goals

8. Lock and unlock debit and credit cards

Card security is a serious business and business is good. If you have online + mobile banking, you can lock and unlock your cards when they’re not in use or if they become lost and stolen. But that’s not it, set up alerts and controls and create travel notices for when you head out of town.

Take account security seriously

9. Borrow up to 100 percent on a HELOC

Tackle any home project that life throws at you. Or, consolidate debt fast and pay less in the long run. You can borrow up to 100 percent of your home’s equity when you open a home equity loan or line of credit.

Use your home’s value

10. Bank 100 percent locally

Choose a financial institution that understands what you’re going through. We’re 100 percent local and 100 percent in tune with your unique needs. Stop by and see us at any of our branches or start a live chat below. We’re excited to hear from you.

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