Picture this: you’re running late to work but need to stop and get gas. You go to pull out your wallet, but you have a lost debit card. You’re already running late, you don’t have time to either call or go into your financial institution, close your card and order a new one.  

What if you could control your card through online + mobile banking and skip calling a financial institution when there’s a problem? With Card Management, you have total control of your cards and accounts. Learn more about this free service available to Arsenal members.

Lock + unlock stolen and/or lost debit card or credit card 

Not much is worse than the feeling you get when you lose your debit or credit card? Maybe someone picked up your credit card after you set it down. No worries, with Card Management you can automatically lock your card and unlock once it shows up again. Just toggle the switch under the card you want to lock or unlock.

Order a replacement for a lost debit card or credit card

Get back to financial control faster by ordering a replacement card directly in online + mobile banking. While in Card Management, just go to Replacement Options, and let us know if your card was lost or stolen. Your card will be canceled and a new one will be delivered in a non-descript envelope.  

Custom alerts and controls 

By keeping tabs on your accounts through custom alerts, you can prevent unauthorized charges, withdrawals, access attempts and other fraudulent activity on a stolen or lost debit card. Depending on how you customize your account, you can receive email or texts alerts. 

Some things you can control:  

  • Spending on eCommerce sites
  • What time of day your cards can be used for spending
  • Purchases exceeding a specific amount
  • What locations your card can and can’t be used

Set up travel alerts

Ever been out of town and had a transaction decline because you forgot to tell your financial institution about the trip? Avoid the phone call and awkward declined transaction by setting up travel alerts and keep complete access to your cards.  

To set up travel alerts: Just login to your account and go to the Card Management tool. Click on the card you want and go to Travel Notices. Enter your start date, end date and destination. You’re now ready to use your card on your trip. 

How do you freeze a card? Get started in Card Management today

When you’re issued a card through Arsenal, your card information is automatically updated in online + mobile banking. Start a live chat with us for any questions you have about Card Management. 

  • On your computer: Login > Tools > Card Management
  • On your mobile device: Login > More > Tools > Card Management

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