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Personal Loans

“This institution helped me rebuild my credit. They were there when no other institution would help. I will always be a loyal member of this fine establishment.”

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A loan for any occasion

You can use a personal loan for anything you need. It’s a flexible loan that goes straight into your Arsenal account as a lump sum. Use it to finance a romantic wedding, visit an exotic destination or stock your home with brand new furniture and up-to-date appliances.

Personal loans are also a good way to consolidate debt. If you have a lot of high-interest credit cards making your life difficult, consider getting a personal loan to lower your interest rates and bring all your debt onto simple, single monthly payments.

Why get a personal loan from Arsenal?

Whether we’re helping you fund your dream wedding, welcome a new baby into your home or pay for medical expenses, we’ll beat out the competition with better rates and terms. Plus, our unique Skip-a-Pay program gives your budget room to breathe.

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    Competitive rates and terms

    Rates for our personal loans are much lower than payday loans and safer for your overall finances than title loans. Our rates are fixed and start at 9.99% APR*, with terms of up to 60 months available.

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    No unwelcome surprises

    A personal loan won't hit you with surprise interest rates. If you buy items with a "no-interest" store credit card and miss a payment (or don't pay off your full balance during the term), your rates can skyrocket.

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    No credit history needed

    We have a special program just for first-time borrowers. If you have no credit history (besides student loans), you can get a personal loan for up to $2,500 at 13.00% APR, with terms up to 36 months.

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The only place to get a truly free credit report is AnnualCreditReport.com. You can receive one from each credit-reporting bureau – TransUnion, Equifax and Experian – every year. It's best to stagger your three reports throughout the year. For example, get your TransUnion report in January, Equifax in May and Experian in September.
Everyone could use a little financial relief now and then, and we want to help you during those stressful times when your bills pile up all at once. To qualify for skip-a-pay, you must have had no payments over 30 days delinquent on your Arsenal auto loan, no unpaid charge-offs or negative balances with the credit union, and no Credit Protection Insurance (CPI) added to your loan without a full refund. To take advantage of skip-a-pay, you need to contact the credit union and complete an authorization form before your due date. Loans that are paid by automatic transfer from another financial institution or through bill payer are ineligible. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance during the month that a payment is skipped. A small processing fee applies. Skipping your payment this way will not affect your credit score.

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APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate based on member creditworthiness. Lowest rate cited is as of March 1, 2020, and is subject to change. Contact the credit union for complete details.

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