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Mobile Banking

"Your mobile app is excellent!"

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  • Fast

    Skip the line at ATMs and branches

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    Clean, intuitive design

Everything at your fingertips

Access all of your financial needs with just a tap or a swipe. Our free mobile app for both iPhone and Android allows you bank on the go. All you need is data or a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. 1

    Deposit money

    Depositing money just got a lot easier. Skip the lines, skip the drive – use mobile check deposit within mobile banking. Learn More

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    Transfer money

    Pay bills for free, or transfer money to and from your Arsenal accounts, accounts at other financial institutions. You can also send and receive money with Zelle®. Learn More

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    Track money

    View your account balance anytime, from anywhere. You can even view your balance without logging in if you enable the Quick Balance feature.

Free to download

You can download the app for iPhone or Android right now.



Being able to deposit a check using your mobile phone is incredibly convenient. You can deposit checks anywhere and at any time, so long as you have access to your phone and an internet connection. This increases the flexibility of where and when you get work done, all while reducing the need for additional trips to the bank.

Avoid Waiting in Line

In addition to being more flexible, depositing a check using your mobile phone is much faster than going to the bank. It can be as simple as snapping a photo of your review and uploading it via the app. This process doesn't require you to wait long periods or go through extensive security protocols to access your bank account. This makes it much more suitable for busy individuals who don't have much free time to wait around at the bank.


Security will always be a central concern when it comes to mobile banking, and Arsenal Credit Union has you covered! We use industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your account information and prevent unauthorized users from accessing it. The ability to deposit checks using your mobile phone is a significant convenience and can save you time and money in the long run. Make the most of your free time and manage your money conveniently with Arsenal Credit Union—get the app today!
It takes roughly one to two business hours at max. Funds may be held on certain deposits. If you make a deposit at night or on the weekend, the funds will usually appear in your account the morning of the next business day (usually before 9:00 a.m.).
You must have an open and active savings account, mobile banking and be a member in good standing. Your account must also have a positive balance for the past 90 days.
You will endorse your checks with a signature. In addition, on the back of your check, you will have to write FOR E-DEPOSIT ONLY AT ACU.
The amount a user can deposit is based on tiers. Members enter a new tier based on successful transactions. Tier one starts at a $1,500 single-day deposit, while tier three starts at $10,000. Ask us for more information.
No. Some fraudulent loan companies will claim that they need your username/password to access Mobile Check Deposit to place funds in your account using a bogus check. When Arsenal receives these “checks,” we reject the deposits because they look suspicious. We also have to close your compromised account and have you come in to open a new one for safety reasons.
  • Manage your debit or credit card
  • Set up alerts and controls
  • Turn cards on/off
  • Notify us when you’re travelling
  • Report cards as stolen
  • Filter card transactions
  • Pay your credit card bill
  • Check your CU Rewards balance on credit cards
The latest version of iOS and Android are supported, plus two previous versions.
You’ll need to be connected to the internet to use the app. We recommend always using a secure Wi-Fi connection or your mobile data plan. Using a public Wi-Fi connection puts your information at risk of theft.
You need to have the card number for the card you want to manage and your contact information.
When you login for the first time, use the “Enroll” feature to add your initial card. For additional cards, launch the app and scroll to the right until you see the “Add a Card” link.
Yes! You can place all of your Arsenal Credit Union debit and credit cards into the application. Any Arsenal Credit Union card with a Visa logo can be added to the app.
Please call the number provided. If you tried to log in to your account but failed to enter the correct username and password five or more times, then your account will be locked and will need to be unlocked before you can log into the app.
If you forget your username, tap on “Forgot Username” and enter the email address associated with your profile. You will then be prompted to answer a security question. After you verify your identify, we will send your username to the email address you provided.
If you forget your password, tap on “Forgot Password” and enter your username and one of the card numbers that has been associated with your account. You will then be prompted to answer a security question. After you verify your identity, we will send a temporary password to the email address associated with your profile. The temporary password will expire after 1 hour. Return to the login page, login with your username and temporary password, and then you will be prompted to enter your temporary password once again and to pick and verify a new password.
On the Account Summary screen, tap on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, and then tap on the Edit Profile icon to the right of your username. From this screen, you can manage your profile picture, edit your profile information, update your password and change your security questions.
Arsenal CardKey displays all debit card transactions within the past 30 days and all credit card transactions within the past 90 days.
An alert is a text notification sent to your cell phone when a transaction takes place with a specific card. A control/restriction limits the use of the card based on the preferences or filters you defined.
No, if you previously set up alerts for your card on our website, you will need to set up new alerts in the app.
Within moments after you hit “submit,” the locks, controls and alerts are activated.
Alerts, when enabled, will be sent as SMS text messages to the phone number that is in on your profile. If you enable alerts, please make sure a valid phone number that can receive text messages has been added to your profile. You may receive your alerts at the email address that is on your profile if the service that delivers text messages is temporarily unavailable.
You are getting this message because you reported that the address we have on file is not correct. We do not want to process the report and then send your replacement card to the wrong address, so we need to update your address first. Please call us at 314.962.6363, Option 6, for assistance.
If you need assistance and you are on the login page, tap on “Contact” at the bottom right to pull up a number you can call. If you are already logged into your account, tap on the hamburger menu in the upper left, and then tap on “Contact” at the bottom of the menu that appears.
Mobile check deposit is free for both consumer and business accounts.
Yes, mobile banking has the same security features as online banking. To remain safe while using mobile banking, never access your account from an unsecured Wifi connection.
Yes. Access to mobile banking is contingent upon having online banking established with your Arsenal accounts. If you do not already have online banking enabled, you can do so by calling us during normal business hours at 314.962.6363 (or 618.239.6363 for Illinois members; 1.800.719.6363 if you are outside of the St. Louis area) and press option 6, then 2.
Yes. By setting up a cross-account agreement, you can transfer money, view balances, check transaction history and request transfers from linked accounts – all from one online banking login. The user with access to your account can even make deposits using mobile check deposit on the Arsenal app. To set up account access for another user, the account owner of both the sending account and the recipient account must sign a form for the cross-account relationship to be established. To learn more, contact us or start a live chat.

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Additional features

There’s even more you can do with Arsenal and your mobile device. Here’s the breakdown.

  • CardKey

    You're in control! Our CardKey app is a standalone program that lets you control when, where and how your Arsenal debit and credit cards work. Lock/unlock your cards, set up alerts and controls, view transactions and so much more! Once you download this app, you can access it directly through Mobile Banking.

    Learn more
  • Pay Your Arsenal Loans

    Pay any loans you have at Arsenal Credit Union directly in mobile banking. Set up a payment from your Arsenal checking or savings account or link an outside account or debit card.

  • Mobile Payments

    Use Apple Pay®, Google Pay® or Samsung Pay® to set up your Arsenal debit or credit card for mobile payments. Simply swipe your device at participating retailers to make purchases quickly and conveniently.

Free to download